Swallowing sharp/toxic objects

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Swallowing sharp/toxic objects Empty Swallowing sharp/toxic objects

Post  Silwer on Mon Jan 24, 2011 5:27 pm

Might as well pour of my knowledge as well.

Lets say you have accidently swallowed a sharp object(glass,metal,rock, etc.) Immediatly go to the kitchen and get a few eggs. Crack them and drink it. The slimy-ness will cover the sharp object and reduce the damage it might do. After you are done drinking a few eggs, call the nearest doctor for help. You do NOT want a piece of glass to come out naturaly.

Now for poison.

Some people might think that its best to try to gag and throw up any poisonous items. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO THROW UP. Call a doctor ASAP and tell him/her what you have ingested and how much. The doctor will know how critical it is.


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