Frogs and peer pressure.

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Frogs and peer pressure. Empty Frogs and peer pressure.

Post  RomiX on Sun Feb 06, 2011 3:18 pm

Original text:
translated by Google Translate:

Once, a few frogs ...
... Wanted to make a running race.
Their goal was to reach the tops of high towers.
Many spectators gathered to watch the competitions and cheer on the participants ...
And who is to have a laugh
So the race began ...

To tell you the truth,

None of the spectators did not allow the thought that the frogs can reach the top.

From all you could hear these words:

"Oh, how hard it is!

They will never reach the top! "


"They do not work, the tower is too high!"

One after another, the frog began to go the distance ...

... Except one, which stubbornly climbed higher and higher ...

People kept shouting:

"It's too hard! Nobody can handle this! "

More and more frogs have lost their last forces and left the competition ... ... But a frog continues to move towards the goal ...

She did not want to give up!

In the end, there was no one except for this frog, which is a fabulous effort only reached the top of the tower!

After the competition the other participants wanted to know how she did it!

One of the frogs, the member went to the winner, to ask how she managed to achieve such incredible results and come to an end.

And it turned out ...

The winning frog was deaf!


Do not listen to those who have a bad habit for everything negative attitude and pessimistic ...

... Because they steal from you your most beautiful dreams and hopes that you keep in your heart!

Always remember the power of words. Every word written or spoken, has an impact on your actions!

And therefore:

Always be tuned ... positively!

And above all:

Whether you just deaf when they tell you that you can not fulfill your dreams!

Always think about that:

And you can only achieve!

I always thought - I did it!

AND NEVER! Never give up!

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