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Post  Dragon Tamer on Wed Jan 05, 2011 11:14 pm

OK, just a few simple rules to start off with. Hopefully it won't prove necessary to enforce them too often or too heavily.
1. No swearing.
2. No encouraging people to take non-medicinal drugs such as alchohol or tobacco.
3. This site is committed to the belief that sex should be within marriage only (here defined as one man, one woman, for life), and that it is strictly the business of said married couples, no one else. Accordingly, any discourse, images, links, etc. which are in conflict with said principle are off-limits. Besides that, this site is a kid-safe zone.
4. No stealing other people's work. Anything - art, videos, or writing - which is someone else's must be duly credited to them.
5. Do not encourage any kind of illegal activity, including stealing, vandalism, production of explosives, and hacking.
6. Religious discussions are allowed, but insults, flaming, and so on will result in a loss of that right for the perpetrators. And by the way, it doesn't matter who starts it. If you obect to something someone has said, voice your objection in a calm and civilized manner.
7. One account per person. In the event of collaborative writing efforts, they can be posted in the form of roleplays. Private topics (i.e. ones that can only be seen by certain members, such as the participants of a writing project) can be arranged.
8. I pity anyone who knows how hard this can be better than I do, but let's all think before we post. Many an insult (or worse) is delivered by accident. And if you are just playfully teasing someone, include an "lol" or "jk" to clarify that it is a joke. It seems like a frivolous rule, I agree, but I want to avoid hurt feelings all around.
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