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Post  RomiX on Wed Jun 29, 2011 3:44 pm

To prevent is better then to heal.
Putting some ice on your black eye, you will badly curse those times when you wasted your time before the TV, on the couch, or typing like crazy on the PC.
I don't oppose those. I just think that there should be something else
General Physical preparation (For kids and teens) following the training of USAA Special Ops and Russian sea-landing troops.

Endurance: Hm, a lot of people like jogging. It became like a symbol of healthy life. Now, if ya got allergis or heat problems, ku-ku. I hate it, I can't stand jogging because I cannot. Well, I can, but it takes me wayyy to much.
If you are like me and you hate to jog in the morning with the dog, try swimming. It develops all muscles, makes you more inmune to sicknesses of different sorts. It doesn't make you much stronger, it makes you freaking endurant.

Strength: wanna muscles like Schwarzenegger? Go to a gym. Gym-gym-gym. The following excersises will only make your muscles appear, they won't grown in a miracle (Get marked and pronounced curves)(If you haven't got them, what I seriously doubt) and they will be like steel when touching them.

Oh yeah.

Dips: Try making them evenly, taking the same time to get down as to get up.Exhalate when getting up, breath calmly.
If ya got bullying or hooligane problems, try making dips standing on your punches. You will get a double effect.And the skin on your hands will be rough'n tough, just made to punch people.
(I saw the first effects of dips after a mounth of daily 30)
There are variations, like legs on head's level, above, below... I heard that legs above head level make you develop arms' muscles mostly.

Sit up's, sit down's: They enhance leg's muscles and make your heart stronger, and ostly endure all your body. If ya got a backpack with 5-4 kgs in it, put it on (you gotta be comfortable). Funny, but most of accidents occur on this excersise. At the first time, 14 will be quite enough.

First , it's easier to have the hands "looking" at you, but when ya got some practise it's eatsier the opposite.Put the backpack on, and do EVENLY as much as you can. AS long as you don't make it evenly, it's over.

Be continued,

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